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Would you be eating better if you

knew it affects fertility &

your future children directly?

You decide!

Thanks for joining me,

let's flow...

~ Holistic Fertility Nutrition ~ 

~ easy & online ~


Maja Obrovac Glisic

Getting support in managing Nutrition & Wellbeing has never been so easy!

Decide, Commit & let it Flow! You are not alone!

I decided. And I made a commitment to contribute to the better World!

My Idea is to easily share and deliver skilles I mastered to support your Wellbeing and Reproductive Health.

Is there anything bigger than creating a whole New Being from just two cells? 

Would you give your best to take care of Yourself and those creative cells?

Can you already immagine the Magnificence in your hands?

I can, and that is way I get up every morning & allow to be amazed by life creation!

Thankful. Inspired by food. Motivated to create. Blessed.





"Hormoni,hrana i detoks

March 21st 2020

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Vrijednost zene - first online conference dedicated to women in my home-region!

- check the conference website and purchase the interviews in Croatian!



Fertility Nutrition


Programs to

empower your Body,

get you Pregnant,

bring a healthy Baby


enjoy Vitality!

You have the Power, I have the Keys! Join me to unlock the cretive Forces within you!









Is your Dream also to make the World a better place?!

Join me, I have some great tools!

I'll be more than happy to share some of my Ideas with you, and I'm open for yours. I believe together we are stronger and more efficient!

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#greenbodycare #socialawareness

#ethicalsociety #cleanworld


Let's exchange, collaborate, make friendships and Dreams come true!




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