Maja Obrovac Glisic

I was born and raised in Croatia (06.10.1984, Karlovac)! Fortunately, I have some nice memories from the '80s. Unfortunately I can not forget how difficult it was because of the war in the '90s. Amazingly, in 2002 I met my other half and fell in love for life!

I was lucky to study something that really interested me. I was training athletics and the fact that an athlete can have better results and quality of life on a proper Nutrition, intrigued me enough to get my University Degree as a Master in Nutrition Science (M.Sc. in 2009.) By that time, Sports Nutrition was too easy and I got interested in dietetics.

Again, I was lucky to get a great friend instead of a great Dietetic Position in Zagreb, Croatia in 2009, and only one year later moved to Rijeka, Croatia to "work and live" as a Head of Food & Dietetic Department at the Clinical University Hospital Rijeka. Rijeka gave me a lot of Vitamin Sea, I discovered the power of blue-grean microalgae, witnessed how diet can improve health and quality of life of our patients, met some great hearts & minds, worked a lot, learnded even more, enjoyed being recognized for my work and most immportant of all - enjoyed the marriage with my other half.

In 2017 we decided to leave Croatia, we changed City Port Rijeka to a Hafen City Hamburg. We instantly fell in love in the most Beautiful City in the World - Hamburg! Again I was lucky to be a part of a dietetic Team in a Hospital in the middle of the Hamburg. Hamburg gave me the time and space to reset. If personal development was the highlight of my 2017, the creation of new me was written all over my 2018. And here I am, writing this for my Website, presenting myself as a holistic fertility nutritional coach, inviting you to Change the World with me and wondering what else is possible - how can it get better than this!

Looking Forward to make some dreams come true with you!


& Qualifications

2018 - present

Holistic Fertility Nutrition Coach & Networker for Responsible Lifestyle and Sustainable Living


Agaplesion Diakonieklinikum, Hamburg, Germany; Agaplesion Catering Mitte GmbH


Faculty of Health Studies, University of Rijeka, Croatia


Clinical University Hospital Centre Rijeka, Croatia


PPK Karlovac, Karlovac, Croatia


my Master Sudies at Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia

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