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Short and one time nutrition counseling. Online and easy!

General Price: 90,00 €/hour

My aim is for you to reach your goals and I would gladly direct you to a best way there.

That is way this price is negotiable upon your needs and means


All-In-One Fertility Program

All-in for your Dream and my All-In-One Fertility Program to make it Real!

It is what we eat, that becomes our body. It is what we believe, that changes our biology. It is what we feel, that affects our chemistry. It is pure physic, that what we consume, becomes our child's body.

Every day we consume; food, water, feelings, thoughts, medicine, compounds from our environment... The older we get, the more we accumulate. "The older we get, the higher infertility rate," they say.

I don't agree! Chronological age is irrelevant!

I believe in biological age and I know how to inverse it! I believ in Release & Reset!

I dare you to regain your Vitality to become a Parent! I dare you to live your Dream!

Work with me to unlock your Potential! 

Get informed for free!



Holistic Nutrition Coaching

First informative call free of charge!



Imagine the world full of understanding and right answers to your needs! Exactly your needs, and needs of your Family.

Our bodies are amazing, and they follow us in every Adventure we take. It is, however not easy to understand their every need during a lifetime. 

How about having a translator and assistant to guide you and your family on food?

How about having your own Family Nutritionist to support you nutritionally on your life path?

How about chasing your dreams carefree, always knowing your body is nutritionally well supported?

Every healthy Family has a Family Nutritionist!


If it had not been invented, I would have invented it - a way of purchasing high quality products directly from the Producer, promoted by your Friend or someone you admire.

Let us trust, support and get closer to each other - let's learn and grow together! That is Network Marketing for me! Just keep it ethical, fair and Right!


If you are interested in opportunities to learn & earn!






Coming soon!

Open Access & Open Topic


Seminars & Webinars

Open to discuss.

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